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The Manchester Asthma and Allergy Study
Celebrating the First 21 Years

Thanks to all of you who have already attended the age 18+ follow up visit.
We are well on our way to our target!



When we started out in 1995, we recruited parents from Wythenshawe and Stepping Hill maternity units and you all lived within a 50 square mile area. Now, lots of you have moved away, some of you to the far corners of the Earth!
Amazingly, many of you have kept in touch and still come and see us when you are back in Manchester, or complete our questionnaires online.

Over the years, we have collected an enormous amount of data.

For example, the chart below shows us how many breathing tests you have all done. This data has been used to develop new reference data for lung function, which is now used in lung function clinics across the world.

The graph here shows the extraordinary number of skin prick tests you have done for us over the years - over 44,000! Many of you are sensitised to common allergens.

As you know we have collected a lot of samples from you since you were born including blood, urine, saliva, and breath samples. In some of you we even collected blood from your umbilical cord when you were born! We’ve also taken over 22000 dust samples from your homes.Urine - 703Urine - 895Urine - 1,643 Urine - 1,113 Urine - 868 Number of Samples: 5,713 Number of Samples: 2,184 Number of Samples: 3,760 Number of Samples: 6,054 Number of Samples: 3,100 Number of Samples: 1,379 Number of Samples: 1,173 Number of Samples: 374

Of course there is no point in collecting all this data unless we anaylse it and let the world know what we have found. Thanks to you, we have published over 100 papers in some of the most prestigious journals. We also present our work at national and international meetings several times a year!

Being one of the most important birth cohorts in the world, we collaborate with world renowned scientists and research teams around the world.

Have a listen to Professor Adnan Custovic talk about this study by following this link:http://tinyurl.com/MAASADNAN